Why Women Should Lift Heavy?

by Tiffany Burich

As a personal trainer, two of the most common requests I get from my ladies is “I want to be toned” & “I want to lose fat”. Over the years, women have been mislead to think lifting high reps with light weight is the best way to achieve this. The truth is, if you are doing 25-30 reps of an exercise, you are only increasing Muscle Endurance not building Muscular Strength or Muscle Mass. Lifting heavier weights is beneficial for many others reasons too, here are a few…

1. Body needs energy to repair your muscles after you’ve challenged them, thus increasing metabolism.

2. The more Muscle Mass you have, the more calories you burn, even at REST.

3. Building more muscle keeps you burning fat all day long.

4. Maintains Bone Mass & can even build new bone (especially important for post menopausal women).

5. Strengthening muscles protects your joints.

6. “Strong is the new skinny”, this is more for amusement, but seriously, feeling strong as a woman can be very empowering!

7. No, you will not get “bulky”. A lot more goes into getting big, lifting heavier weight alone is not going to do that.

8. Light weight/high reps increases muscle endurance not muscle mass, so start pushing that weight if you want results, ladies!

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