The Biggest Secret for Ripped Veggie Muscles

by Melissa Hauser


I am about to reveal my number one tip for achieving a killer physique.  This is the ambiguous truth that everyone has been dying to hear.  It’s the magic pill that tightens and transforms a body.  I’m asked over and over what the secret is, and at long last, it will be revealed!

Wait for it……

Keep waiting…..

No, really, wait for it.

Patience, my friends.  Patience is your magic tip.

The members of PlantBuilt did not achieve these ripped physiques in a single week, a single month, or even a single year.  These bulging and striated muscles are the culmination of years of dedication, commitment and discipline.

An online friend recently reached out, seeking advice for what she was doing “wrong”.  In 5 months, she wrote, she had added only  11 pounds of lean muscle to her 5’2” frame.   Eleven pounds of lean muscle mass?   In 5 months?  On an already small frame?  There is absolutely nothing wrong here.  On the contrary, these gains are quite commendable.

Many of the PlantBuilt members are viewed as overnight successes.  But the truth is, we’re overnight successes that were 10+ years in the making.

We live in a fast world and have grown accustomed to getting answers when we need, solutions right away, and we seek quick fixes for our challenges.  But you cannot rush a shredded bod.

Lift heavy, lift smart, and exercise patience.  Take progress photos along the way (I recommend every 3-4 weeks), and set short-term goals to help you reach your long-term aspirations.  Take pride in every rep and every set.  Celebrate your new records.  Rejoice when you add a new weight plate.  Commit to your lifestyle for the long haul..

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