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Strike a Pose

by Dani Taylor Torre never breaks for even a second when on stage. Although flexing every muscle in his body, he is always graceful. How you hold yourself on stage is everything. You have spent months (maybe years?) building up a foundation of solid muscle to create a certain frame, and then dieting down and […]

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Dealing With Injury

by Crystal Hammer Weightlifters can be stubborn, honestly that is what makes most of us keep going. When people tell us “no” or that we cannot do something, it only motivates us to push harder. But when it comes to injuries, we need to put these hard-headed attitudes aside and heal. Injuries can take many […]

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Learning to Pull

by Jason Morris Over the last year I have transferred my deadlifting technique to a conventional stance. Before that I pulled from a sumo stance because it felt better. So why the change? Two reasons: First, I’m a coach and I need to be able to coach various movements and secondly, because I don’t want […]

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Tips for the Traveling Vegan

by Paola Deocampo Jackson December 2013.  A hardcore training program was set to begin in January for 2014 competing as a new Plant Built Team Member.  My husband and I decided to go on vacation in Freeport, Grand Bahama, early in the month, while most everyone else was Christmas shopping (honestly, we’re last-minute shoppers anyway!).  Because […]

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How to meal prep for success

by Ashlee Harrison First off, I truly believe meal prepping is the key to success in keeping true to my dietary lifestyle.  I set aside time each Sunday morning to prepare all of my meals (and my husbands meals) for the following week.  This time is my upmost priority.  It usually takes between 2.5-4 hours, […]

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Simply Put

by Pam Kalstad, MS How often do I eat? How many calories do I eat? How do I break those calories up? Do I need to eat an 80-10-10 diet? Or should it be 60-30-10? What about 50-20-30? Do I need to do cardio every day? How many minutes? What is the best type of […]

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