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by Crystal Moulon I have lifted with many people throughout my life from old to young and one thing I have seen come up again and again from my older weightlifting friends is comparing their current abilities to their younger selves, always with a negative effect. I’ve seen this in powerlifters, strongmen, arm wrestlers and […]

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Methods of Change

by Jason Morris Thus far my favorite lifting program has been the classical 5×5 protocol that get’s touted by Pavel of Strong First, and RKC. I have also spent some time using Dan John’s mass made simple program, which if you eat all the Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches and hit all of your squats, […]

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Learning to Pull

by Jason Morris Over the last year I have transferred my deadlifting technique to a conventional stance. Before that I pulled from a sumo stance because it felt better. So why the change? Two reasons: First, I’m a coach and I need to be able to coach various movements and secondly, because I don’t want […]

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