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Done with activism.

by Billy Prusinowski There comes a time in your life when things must change. Personally, after four years of college activism, then moving to Portland, Oregon for a year specifically to further that activism, I needed a change. It was a combination of wanting to live a more mainstream lifestyle and starting to become frightened […]

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My Story

by Elana Titanium Priesman I want to share my story with you. I spent my entire life battling obesity. From a young age I was put on calorie restrictive diets and suffered from the hurtful abuse of bullies. It wasn’t my parent’s fault; I guess they just weren’t exposed to the world of veganism. This […]

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The Mental Game

by Ashlee Harrison As I write this blog post I am a mere four days out from my very first NANBF figure competition in Edmonds, Washington. I have been working towards this goal, slowly and steadily for approximately eight months. It seems so surreal just how close I am to stepping on that stage after […]

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You Make a Choice

by Erin Fergus I recently attended the ACSM Health & Fitness Summit, a national fitness conference, in Atlanta, GA. One of the lectures discussed the increasing prevalence of diabetes in our country, and I sat in a room with hundreds of other fitness professionals. I looked around, I shook my head, and I was saddened […]

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My Vegan Voyage

by Athena Iglesias With today being day one of my second year of sobriety I thought I’d get really real about my own personal Vegan Voyage. I’m sharing this info to hopefully help others. Ok, so I grew up a competitive figure skater, my coach actually lived with me for a bit. In Elementary years-High […]

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Going It Alone?

by Erin Fergus I’m not even two weeks into this season’s contest prep (at the time of writing this article), and I’m already overwhelmed. Every day I dream of coming home to some type of personal assistant, minion, cabana boy or kitchen bitch, and every day there’s only my wiggly butt dog sitting by the […]

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Strike a Pose

by Dani Taylor Torre never breaks for even a second when on stage. Although flexing every muscle in his body, he is always graceful. How you hold yourself on stage is everything. You have spent months (maybe years?) building up a foundation of solid muscle to create a certain frame, and then dieting down and […]

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Let’s Get Real

by Paola Deocampo Jackson I am often told that I look great, that I’m so fit and tiny, that I’m skinny and one to be envied.  These comments are all made in reference to my social media pictures.  Pictures from prior competitions and bikini photoshoots.  Shoots that were very carefully timed during intense training and […]

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the year of the open-mind

by Billy Prusinowski I have been a huge proponent of functional fitness for the past few years now, after sharing thoughts and tips with fellow personal trainers at my Gold’s Gym Santa Cruz (my former employer). Things like triple-extension movements (lifts where your ankle, knee and hip joints all involve themselves [like the CLEAN]) just […]

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No excuses!

by Emily Zukle We’ve all heard the typical “reasons” people don’t go to the gym to workout. Time is the most common one I hear. But really? We all have the same time in a day and we tend to make time for whatever matters to us whether it’s television viewing or social networking or […]

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by Chris Piontek Its that time of year again where people scream and shout, “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!!” I truly applaud the zeal with which they proclaim the new directions and motivations for their life. However, its no secret that by the end of February or beginning of March the fire starts to dwindle. By […]

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More than me

by Austin Barbisch paragraph I feel something  very special when I think of this PlantBuilt team. I have been competing in bodybuilding shows since 1996, with 13 shows under my belt (thong). Up until meeting this awesome group of people, my goals in competition were purely for a love for competing, and to  get the […]

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Reaching Goals as a Vegan Athlete

by Ed Bauer Many people have a hard time getting stronger, leaner, more muscular, or in better shape, etc. If you want to improve your fitness in some manner, you must first determine what your specific goals are. Now there are two different types of goals, outcome goals and behavior goals. An example of an […]

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by Mindy Collette As a full-time employee, living over an hour away from the city now, it can be very difficult to get to the gym. To make time to lift weights, pack protein shakes, L-Glutamine, and BCAA’s. But, where there’s a will there’s a way, and it’s been going well so far. Actually, really […]

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Plant Built January Blog Post

by Erin Fergus I’ve always been the type of person whose motivation and energy to reach a goal seems endless. Now that the holiday season has just ended, I want to let everyone peek into what is currently motivating my dream chasing. I’m 30 years old, and I’m the baby in my family. My dad […]

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Your Personal Best, and Cookies

by Christian Garcia Where to begin? I guess I can start off by saying that in life, anything you desire may or may not be easy to obtain; it will take time, patience, and determination. Whether it is health, fitness, money, relationships, an education, etc., it will take hard work and dedication. This can discourage […]

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