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Why be Vegan?

by Pam Kalstad There seems to be a divide not just in the non-vegan vs. vegan but also in the vegan vs. vegan world. It’s becoming a competition of a tiered world of veganism. Does it matter why someone becomes a vegan? Or is it more important that are vegan? I’ve had this debate with […]

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Have a Heart in February

by Jennifer Moore February is heart month. Focusing on our hearts should direct our attention to the vegan lifestyle for several reasons. First, a vegan diet has been shown not only to prevent heart disease but to actually REVERSE coronary artery disease, the main cause of heart attack. Check out Caldwell Esselstyn’s research and angiograms […]

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More than me

by Austin Barbisch paragraph I feel something  very special when I think of this PlantBuilt team. I have been competing in bodybuilding shows since 1996, with 13 shows under my belt (thong). Up until meeting this awesome group of people, my goals in competition were purely for a love for competing, and to  get the […]

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