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Basics of Cutting

by Dani Taylor The Basics of Cutting Diets Dieting is simple, but not easy.  As a fitness nerd and coach who lives to read scientific articles about fat loss, muscle building and the likes, I wanted to make a basic list of tips for cutting.  This list is primarily geared towards people who are already […]

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Be a poser!!

by Pam Kalstad, MS When I see the word poser I first think of my children using the term to describe someone who is pretending to be something they aren’t. Now I practice religiously to be the best at posing I can be. It’s the icing on the cake, bow on the present and the […]

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Going It Alone?

by Erin Fergus I’m not even two weeks into this season’s contest prep (at the time of writing this article), and I’m already overwhelmed. Every day I dream of coming home to some type of personal assistant, minion, cabana boy or kitchen bitch, and every day there’s only my wiggly butt dog sitting by the […]

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Practice Makes Perfect

by Emily Zukle Two months before I entered my first bodybuilding show and earned my first of three “Top Five” placings in the bikini category, I joined a local bodybuilding team for support in competition preparation. This decision was a large reason I believe I did so well in all my shows. Every Saturday, I […]

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Strike a Pose

by Dani Taylor Torre never breaks for even a second when on stage. Although flexing every muscle in his body, he is always graceful. How you hold yourself on stage is everything. You have spent months (maybe years?) building up a foundation of solid muscle to create a certain frame, and then dieting down and […]

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