Stop Washing Your Hair (so much)!

by Ashlee Harrison

Some times I feel like I am on a one-woman mission to get the world to stop washing their hair every freaking day!!! Seriously ladies (and gents) stop washing your hair every damn day! I know many people say they have to wash their hair every day because it’s just too oily not to. Well guess what?! All the washing is exactly why your hair is so disgustingly oily! Believe it or not, your scalp produces more oil the more you wash your hair. You are stripping your hair/scalp of its natural, healthy oils. In addition, if you are constantly assaulting your head with heat damage from blow drying or flat/curling irons, every single day, well then hello?!?!? No wonder your hair looks horrible, dry, and lack luster. Not to mention all the products you are likely buying (read: wasting your money on) for all that shampooing, conditioning, and style “protecting”.

I only wash my hair twice per week, max. I am working towards once per week, but I am not quite there yet. And this is with my incredibly active lifestyle, including competition prep (meaning two-a-days with heavy weights in the morning, and terribly sweaty cardio sessions at night). Now, you can’t just decide over night that you want to start washing your hair twice per week; it’s a process. However, over the span of just a few weeks you CAN do this!

First, I recommend high quality shampoo and conditioner. My absolute favorite is the Karma Komba shampoo bar and Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner, both from Lush. They are handmade, incredibly rich, smell amazing, and of course are 100% vegan and cruelty free! I suggest when starting out that you go to washing your hair every other day, and then increase the amount of days between shampoos over several weeks. It will not be easy, and you’ll want to give up, but I promise the payout will be worth it. It’ll happen! Your hair WILL reward you! And think of ALL that time you will now have! It’s glorious!

Here is an example of my grooming routine.

Sunday: Shower at night, wash hair, blow dry. I use shampoo and conditioner (stated above), and some times a leave in conditioner if I feel like a little extra heat protection and silkiness. I love the feel and smell of Onesta leave in conditioner (also vegan and cruelty free).

Monday: Post gym, if I get super sweaty I’ll blow-dry the sweat from hair and then run the flat iron through it. Sounds worse than it is. But I’ve even discussed this with my hairstylist and this is totally fine and completely hygienic. Sweat is clean, it’s the bacteria on your skin that makes you dirty and smelly, and since I’ve just cleaned my locks the night before my hair still smells awesome, feels nice and clean, and looks amazing! Wear down.

Tuesday: Same as Monday. Blow-dry sweat if needed, lightly run the flat iron through. Done.

Wednesday: Wear half up, or in ponytail depending on how unruly it appears to be.

Thursday: Wear in ponytail or bun, and I use dry shampoo for this day (may wish to use dry shampoo Wednesday also. And possibly even more days when you are just starting). I love, love, love No Drought dry shampoo powder from Lush. It’s the first dry shampoo powder that completely disappears in my nearly jet-black hair and doesn’t make me look like I have massive dandruff. It completely absorbs and smells fantastic! Then Thursday night I wash my hair again.

Friday: Same as Monday.

Saturday: Same as Tuesday.

It’s that easy! It won’t feel easy, and I know you’ll struggle at first. This is obviously easier if you have long enough hair to put into a ponytail, but even with short hair you shouldn’t be washing your hair more than every third day, or every second day MAX!!! But stick with it; you’ll soon love your hair and all the free time you have!

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