Staying Motivated in a “Not-So-Motivating” World

by Tiffany Burich

In my experience (as a trainer, friend, relative, acquaintance, ect.) there are two things I hear over & over again as to why people have trouble starting/sticking with workout routines & eating regimens :
1. “I don’t feel I deserve it”
2. “I don’t have support from anyone in my family”

No matter how many times I hear this (& it’s been A LOT over the years) it always makes me sad & angry. Especially because one of the main reasons people start in the first place is to “feel comfortable” in their own “skin”. I can relate to this all too well, as I have struggled w/ body image issues my whole life & have been (& continue to be) critiqued/ criticized for how I look. Over the years I’ve heard I was “too fat”, “too skinny”, “too muscular”… Fortunately for me, I am my own worst critic & have never/will never strive to look like anything other than what makes ME happy. Unfortunately, other people are not as self-motivated & need support from others to stick w/ their particular goals & they SHOULD get that support! Especially from their loved ones! No one should ever try & hold someone back from trying to “better” themselves or feel better about themselves.
Since this is a PlantBuilt Blog, I’ll use veganism as different example. As I connect w/ more & more vegans, I hear so many stories of how hard the people in their life are on them for becoming a vegan. Vegans are vegans for a number of different reasons but the point is, again, not supporting someone who is trying to do something to “better” themselves or make themselves feel better. I didn’t know any other vegans when I made the choice to become vegan & I’m lucky no one gave me a hard time about it. But I’ve always done “odd” things my whole life so I think my family just expects it, lol! Also, I like being different & will always do what feels right to ME. You’ll never catch me wearing a certain label or getting a certain hair do because that’s what’s “in” at the moment. If I do something/buy something it’s only because I like it. And I honestly love that about myself!
So in tying all this together, I can only say this: Know your worth, don’t let anyone hold you back from trying to better yourself, & do whatever you have to do to feel comfortable in your own skin… Because you DO deserve it!

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