Simple Tips for Protein Boosts

by Melissa Hauser
December, 2013


Protein, protein, protein.  Everyone always wants to know where we get our protein.  Surely, you can’t build those crazy ripped muscles on a plant-based diet?

Well, actually you can, and it’s just as simple to get adequate protein from a vegan diet as it is from a traditional omnivore’s diet.   In truth, the average person eating a variety of whole plant-based foods likely already consumes adequate protein to support your basic functions.   However, if you have higher-than-average protein needs like most of us on Team PlantBuilt, then here are my favorite easy tips for incorporating extra quantities each and every day:

PROTEIN POWDERS (My favorites are Vega Sport, PlantFusion and Nutribiotic Organic Rice):

* Mix a scoop with oatmeal
* Mix a small scoop with jam; spread on toast or use as a fruit dip
* Protein puddings: mix a scoop with sweetener plus water to desired consistency; add in dried fruit or nuts
* Use in smoothies

CHIA SEEDS (2 Tablespoons = 6 grams protein)

* Mix into baked goods
* Sprinkle on salads for extra crunch
* Add to smoothies

FLAX MEAL: (2 Tablespoons = 3 grams protein)

* Add in oatmeal
* Add in smoothies
* Add in baked goods
* Use in place of eggs (1T flax + 3 T water; sit for 5 mins = 1 egg)

HEMP PROTEIN POWDER (2 Tablespoons = 7 grams protein)

* Mix 2T with 1T jam for a fruit or vegetable dip
* Mix 2T with 2T salsa + water (to consistency); use instead of plain salsa (also great to add on tofu scrambles!)
* Mix 2T with 1T flavored balsamic + water or oil for salad dressings

NURTITIONAL YEAST (2 Tablespoons = 6 grams protein):

* Sprinkle on salads, scrambles, stir fry, pasta

Protein packed breakfast

Protein packed breakfast: nutritional yeast sprinkled on a tofu scramble, served alongside gluten-free toast with Sweet Protein Jam. 


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