The Road to The CF Games. Is it Worth It?

by Ben Buhrow

I use the term athlete more sparingly than most when it comes to the CF community. The reason being that I think CF as a sport has made a major split from CF as a training methodology and it needs to be recognized. There is a substantial difference in training volume and personal sacrifice when you talk about a professional football player and someone who plays in a rec. league for fun. The same can be said for CF.
Most sports are very demanding on the body and because of this the life of the athlete, in their chosen arena, is a short one. That being said I do believe that CF, as a fitness methodology, can be practiced for the duration of a person’s life as long as it is done intelligently and safely.
For most people I think their is misconception of what it takes to excel in this sport because it is still in its infancy. I witness people who come in and train 6 days a week and they believe they will make it to The Games as long as they keep up with their routine. The sad reality is that nearly everyone who is trying to get to that level will never make it. The level of sacrifice that you must have to excel in CF is not something most people are okay with and it’s also something that I don’t think people should be okay with. You must eat, sleep, and breathe your sport in order to be at the top and in the end it could be something that you never get to experience. The question you must ask yourself is, “Am I prepared to sacrifice everything even if that means I won’t reach the level I want?”
I am not saying that you shouldn’t go for your dreams and if that means you want to try to get to The CF Games, that’s great! I am in support of anything that someone chooses to do as long as they do it with passion & conviction. This is more of a cautionary post for people who do not already understand the reality of that path. I will share with you, in a future post, what a typical day of training looks like for me and keep in mind that I am not at an elite level. It is merely my training to try to get to that point.

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