by Samantha Shorkey
February 1, 2014

Well aside from having a broken wrist, competition training season is officially in FULL EFFECT, baby! A few vegan ladies have asked how I do it from start to finish so here goes my first post!

I’m not gonna lie—I spent Christmas with my family eating as much decadent vegan crap as I could cram down my throat! And not only that but GASP—I also didn’t get one workout in the entire time. My plan was to enjoy myself over the holidays and then begin my next show prep starting January 1st. Then guess what!? I’m out on New Year’s Eve (my last “hurrah”) and BOOM – I completely bailed on the sidewalk in an iPhone-distracted FATALITY! Long story short, I broke my dominant arm’s wrist and am casted up until mid-February. Ugh. Sadly, I can’t do any upper body workouts. And I so have a newfound appreciation for opening jars, brushing my teeth and putting on bras.

I currently weigh 15 lbs. more than my competition weight. I won first place last June at 122 lbs. Being 15 lbs. bigger 21 weeks out is actually great because I was bulking up my weak areas before the injury i.e. my hamstrings and glutes.
I feel like my body is happiest in the off-season. I’m naturally pretty curvaceous and I sure do miss my boobs when I lean down. I also think my little, pointy face starts to resemble Skeletor from Masters of the Universe the last few weeks leading up to competition day. That being said, I’m super excited to get back at ‘her and get JACKED ON THE BEANSTALK again!!

So what are my very first steps in the 21 week journey to the stage? First things first, I clear out my fridge and cupboards. All the “forbidden” foods have got to go or else one night I’ll find myself mixing flour, sugar and coconut oil together and eating it like some kind of weirdo.

I’m then gonna hit up Whole Foods and prep my first week of meals. I’ll make a big pot of brown rice or quinoa, cook up a ton of tofu or tempeh, cut up veggies and then dust off that dreaded food scale. I measure and weigh every single thing I’m going to eat that week.

I also buy myself a new pair of running shoes as a house warming gift to commemorate my moving into the gym. I know I’m gonna be wearing those babies A LOT over the next few months so it only makes sense that I deserve a fancy, new pair of vegan sneaks!
With my food prepped and competition gear ready to go, I record my weight and take my first set of progress pictures. This is the most fun part, seeing my progress. It’s hard to tell if you’re actually making progress because the scale doesn’t always show a number you like so progress pics are a great way to show that you are, in fact, making some kind of progress!

I created a little “REVERSE Before and After” collage just for you ☺ Yes I’m pasty white right now with visible “extra padding.” But you know what, it’s winter in sunless Vancouver, I’m crippled and operate a vegan FOOD blog. Quick shout out to!
reverse before and after

Anyway, this is where I’m at. Now let the training begin!

I now start my days with fasted cardio meaning a half hour on the treadmill before I have my first meal. I always drink coffee or green tea before my cardio to boost my training. I also wear a neoprene waist wrap to help me sweat more and remove some of the water weight. A lot of people think these waist wraps are a gimmick and don’t work. All I know is my abs look shredded after I’m done so whether it’s bull crap or not, I bought into it.

After cardio, I eat my first meal which is usually a smoothie. My go-to competition diet smoothie is simple but super tasty. Here’s the recipe:

Sam Shorkey’s Bikini Prep Vegan Breakfast Smoothie

1 scoop chocolate Vega Sport protein powder
1 Tbsp. almond butter
1/2 frozen banana
½ tsp. ground cinnamon
1 cup water or unsweetened almond milk

For more of my competition diet recipes, check out my eBook “Jacked on the Beanstalk: Plant Based Fuel for Vegan Athletes” at

Next competition prep post will be all about cheat meals and it’s a juicy one so don’t miss it!

Happy shreddin’!

Samantha Shorkey,

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