Paul Salomone

Name: Paul Salomone

Division you will compete in:  Men’s Open Raw 198lbs Class

Age: 35

Height: 5″9

Competition Weight: 198 lbs

Current max lifts Bench/Squat/Deadlift: Bench 408lbs, Squats 480lbs, Deadlifts 555lbs

City: Eastchester, NY

Years as a vegan: Since 2013

Why you became a Vegan: To better myself physically and spiritually, to better the planet, to save humanity, and to stop unnecessary cruelty to animals.

History Competing:

2017 USPA Naturally Fit Games:  Mens Sub Masters Raw 198lbs Class – 1st Place Overall (1395lbs Total)

2017 USPA Naturally Fit Games:  Mens Open Raw 198lbs Class – 2nd Place Overall (1395lbs Total)

2017 USPA Naturally Fit Games:  Mens Bench Press Only Raw 198lbs Class – 1st Place Overall (408lbs)

2015 RPS Autumn Apocalypse:  Mens Sub-Masters Raw 198lbs Class – 1st Place Overall (1335lbs Total)

2015 RPS Autumn Apocalypse:  Mens Open Raw 198lbs Class – 2nd Place Overall (1335lbs Total)

2015 USPA Naturally Fit Games:  Mens Open Raw 198lbs Class – 5th Place Overall (1273lbs Total)

What drives you to compete: To always push my body and mind to new heights.

What do you see as the biggest advantages of being a vegan athlete: The physical advantages are quicker recovery, more energy, more strength, and just overall positivity. However, I see the biggest advantage being that since vegan’s represent a cause greater then themselves, our ego is placed aside.

What types of supplements if any do you use?:  BCAA’s, creatine, glutamine, MCT Oil, B12, D3, plant based protein powders.

How would you describe your diet while preparing for a competition: Very strict. I consume a a high protein diet derived from lentils, beans, seitan, tempe, tofu, and Beyond Meat, Gardein, LightLife products. I eat an endless amount of veggies, and just the right amount of fruit per day. I eat oatmeal, sweet potatoes, bagels, and waffles for my carb intake.

Favorite food in your prep diet: Peanut Butter and Chocolate are hands down my favorite. I  like to mix Peanut Butter with plant-based protein powder, PB2, Stevia, and Almond Milk to make protein pudding.

How would you describe your training for a competition:  Intense, consistent, and ALWAYS paying attention to what the body needs.

Favorite exercises: I LOVE the power exercises: Bench Press, Deadlifts, and Squats.  If I had to chose one, deadlifts would be my favorite.

How many hours a week do you spend training?: 12-15 Hours per week.

Today I am most proud of: My wife, Jillian Salomone

Personal website or blog:

Co-Founder of Elevate Nutrition: