Justin Morgan

Justin MorganName: Justin Morgan

Division you will compete in: Raw, Classic Raw

Age: 33

Height: 6’0”

Weight/Competition Weight: (current , 212) competition – 90 kg/198 lbs

Current max lifts Bench/Squat/Deadlift:

Bench – 305 lbs training max (rep max – 240 x 10)

Squat – 405 lbs training max (rep max – 325 x 9)

Deadlift – 500 lbs training max (rep max – 395 x 9)

City: Dayton, OH

Years as a vegan: 4

Why you became a Vegan: I became a vegan after watching a video on factory farming in 2011.

History Competing:

May 2014 – USPA Midwest regional

July 2014 – Heritage Day’s Strongman Competition, Huntington, IN

September 2014 – Dayton, OH USPA 90 kg/198 lbs cold feet classic (2nd place in 100 kg class, Raw)

What drives you to compete:

I love the preparation for competition.  Generally in training I always leave a little in the tank, and I don’t generally make it a habit to train below the 3 rep range (usually in waves/cycles of 10’s, 8’s, 5’s especially, and 3’s), so preparing for a competition, and actually competing in competition affords me the opportunity to prepare for one all out day of demonstrating the progress in strength I’ve made over the last number of training cycles.

What do you see as the biggest advantages of being a vegan athlete:

Adversity!  Always having other competitors look down on you during the competition while you hope that they’ll be looking up at you in the winner’s platform is an advantage because it gives you a drive both in training and in competition to reach for greater numbers than what your body wants to do.

What types of supplements if any do you use?:

I try to remember to take a B12 supplement, but I’m pretty bad at remembering it.  Fortunately my blood tests have always come back in the normal ranges when they’ve been checked, but B12 is one that I try to remember to take.

How would you describe your diet while preparing for a competition:

Most sports with weight classes require you to minimize the amount of fat, and maximize the amount of muscle with the possible exception of super heavy weights that have no upper limit to their class.  Power lifting and Strongman are no exception to that.  I go through periods of bulking (about 10-15% above my maintenance calories), and then cut the fat over a period of time in a caloric deficit (also 10-15% of my caloric maintenance).  I generally avoid losing more than 2-3 lbs/month as doing so will usually negatively impact strength and muscle.  In the past I’ve continued getting stronger while losing weight within the 10-15% bodyfat range.  I view dietary fat as the most expendable macronutrient because carbohydrates generally have a more positive effect on training.  That’s not to say I attempt to avoid all fatty foods, but I decrease my fat intake more so than I do carbohydrate or protein while in a caloric deficit.

Favorite food in your prep diet:

Favorite foods in general are any starch combined with tahini, tofu or just about anything cooked with (garlic, onions, and lemon juice), grapes, mango, most fruits (I’m yet to have a durian that I liked in spite of my fruitarian friends telling me they are amazing).  I enjoy the same foods while gaining, or losing weight.  I only manipulate the amounts of them that I eat.

How would you describe your training for a competition:

I go through waves of high volume/low intensity that gradually become more intense with less volume.  (Volume = sets x reps x weight) (Intensity = % of maximal weight used).  I take a deload (light week) as needed, or at least every 12 weeks.

Favorite exercises:

Squat, Deadlift, and Log Press

How many hours a week do you spend training?:

About 8, 6 hours of barbell work and 2 hours of event training for strongman.

Today I am most proud of:

My wife and children who gave up meat when I shared my change of heart with them and have supported me.

Personal website or blog:

Youtube: CarbedUpVeganMuscle