Courtney Eastman

Courtney EastmanName: Courtney Eastman

Division you will compete in: Women’s RAW Open 114 lbs

Age: 24

Height: 5’2

Weight/Competition Weight: 115/114

Current max lifts Bench/Squat/Deadlift: 200 squat, 100 bench, 253 deadlift 

City: Portland, OR

Years as a vegan: 4.5

Why you became a Vegan: I’ve always loved animals but I became vegan as a byproduct of becoming more informed about political and philosophical issues. I found it logically inconsistent to continue to consume or use animal products when I was concerned about feminism, environmentalism and social justice issues. It just doesn’t fit for me to not include animals and their lives within my larger moral framework. Furthermore, as a feminist and a woman I don’t think it’s okay to use or profit off the bodies of other animals without their consent.

History Competing:

1st Place 2014 APA Elite Spring Challenge RAW Women’s Full Power 114# weight class

1st Place 2014 USPA Oregon State Powerlifting Championship RAW Full Power 123# weight class

1st place 2015 APA Elite Spring Challenge RAW Women’s Full Power 114# weight class

Oregon state record and a record total both in the 2014 Elite Spring Challenge and the 2015 Elite Spring Challenge- Full Power

What drives you to compete: I like to prove people wrong. I am continually underestimated because of my size, gender, and vegan lifestyle choices. I want to show people that being strong physically and mentally doesn’t necessarily look the way that they expect it too.

What do you see as the biggest advantages of being a vegan athlete: I recover incredibly quickly and I have a support system of the nicest most compassionate people you can imagine.

What types of supplements if any do you use?: I’ll use either Plantfusion or RawFusion as supplemental protein, and cycle kre- aklyn creatine.

How would you describe your diet while preparing for a competition: I haven’t had to cut much weight for a competition thus far so my diet stays about the same. I’m starting a bulk soon, so when I do have to cut, i’ll probably just focus on cleaning up my diet a little, drinking lots of water, and better timing my carbs. I might consider cutting out cookies.

Favorite food in your prep diet: Protein Pancakes, BBQ Tempeh, Sweet Potatoes, and Broccoli

How would you describe your training for a competition: Normally prior to a meet, my coach Jason Morris and I will work on lots of volume for the three major lifts. When it gets closer to a meet we generally do some variation of Wendlers 5/3/1 focusing on heavier weights and less reps. I’ve been trying to integrate some strongman lifts into my training as well.

Favorite exercises: Deadlifts, Squats, Kettle Bell Swings, Atlas Stones, and Yoke Walks

How many hours a week do you spend training?: 5-10

Today I am most proud of: I am incredibly proud of myself for trying my first powerlifting meet despite the fact that I was petrified. I am also proud of myself for living my life to my own standards.

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