Holly Noll

Holly NDivision: Olympic Weight Lifting

Weight class: 53kg

Age: 31

Height: 5’4”

Non-competition weight: 53kg

Snatch PR: 103.3#

Clean & Jerk PR: 145#

Back Squat PR: 200#

Front Squat PR: 155#

City: Oakland, CA

Years as a vegan: 10

Why you became a Vegan: While waiting for a ride and aimlessly flipping through a rack of various types of reading in a co-op in San Francisco. I found a “zine” with a short article on the connection between the dairy industry and its oppression of female reproductive and sexual freedom. This made the hypocrisy of the feminist vegetarian lifestyle I was currently living immediately apparent. I went vegan that day.

History Competing: Started competing in Powerlifting, then switched to CrossFit and realized quickly it wasn’t my jam right now, then fell head over heels in love with weightlifting!
What drives you to compete: Eventually to set some records and put myself up there with the greats. The constant drive, however, is a mix of debunking the myth that vegans aren’t strong, and changing the cultural idea, instead, to: Vegan Athletes are superior due to their nutrient dense diets, motivation for the animals, extremely fast recovery times and can kick some serious butt. The other reason is because women seem to be convinced that being strong automatically negates their attractiveness. I want to show that you can live whatever life you want, be strong and confident, and do what you want.
What do you see as the biggest advantages of being a vegan athlete: I get to carry the knowledge that being an athlete doesn’t, in any way, inhibit my ethics and vice versa. My ethics actually give me a leg up, so to speak, against the competition.

What types of supplements if any do you use?: I sleep very poorly, so I take a good amount of supplementation around that, but as far as athletic supplements I take turmeric, Cell Block 80, hormone balancers (herbal), HTP-5 for happy feels, and ubiquinol. I also drink protein shakes, though I don’t consider it a supplement as much as my little helper as I’m often too busy to eat properly!

How would you describe your diet while preparing for a competition: Much less sugar, much more nutrient density. I spent the last year and a half after last years competition healing my relationship with food, which meant that there was a lot of intuitive eating…all of the cookies. As the weeks tick by, I’ve been digging into dialling my nutrient timing and nutrient intake to support my lifting more and change my physique a little to be a bit leaner.

Favorite food in your prep diet: FOOD! JK I love soy lattes, anything sweet, all the fruit and anything hella glutenful.

How would you describe your training for a competition: Exactly like training normally but with more drive. I like having goals, it clears my head. We are currently writing our own programming, doing 2 heavy days, and two lighter/tech days with 3x a week conditioning (think CrossFit) at the end to stay lean and get in reps. I do light, fasted, cardio 6x a week in the morning as well as TONS of mobility. Recovery around my CNS is absolutely clutch to me, so ROMWOD and meditation are also a huge part of my training.

Favorite exercises: Snatch! Think snatches are so fun as they’re like a huge, athletic, puzzle that I always get to make progress on. I’m really into kipping pull ups too, as they feel like flying!

How many hours a week do you spend training?: 12-15

Today I am most proud of: My strength to persevere, to stay true to what I believe and never let this world crush my drive.

Personal website or blog:
NewEthic Gym / FitQuick on Vegan Proteins
Instagram: @xvxh