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Tiffany Burich – PLANTBUILT.COM

Name: Tiffany Burich
City: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Age: 32 years old
Height: 5’5
Division: Figure

I have been a Vegan since 2008. I started this way of life after reading an article about a “downer” cow, I was completely mortified by the cruelty of man & immediately cut out red meat & pork. I started researching how other types of meat, food products, and everyday products were made and there was no way I was going to contribute to any of it once I had that knowledge. Since becoming a Vegan I just feel better as a whole, mentally & physically; I never get sick, I’m full of energy, a lot happier, and I’ve GAINED strength & muscle.

Competition History: INBF Novice Figure (3rd place) at the Naturally Fit Super Show (July 2013). I am a former Hawaiian Tropic Model & was a member of USA Bikini Team.

What drives you to compete: To change minds & save lives! I’ve been a personal trainer & nutrition coach for 11 years & have been into fitness since I was a kid (my dad had a gym in our basement so I knew how to use a Hip Sled at 10 years old). I wanted to compete in bodybuilding for awhile but had to wait until I finished my Pre-Med degree, then overtraining & a knee injury had me out of commission for most of 2012. I love tackling all areas of fitness on a vegan diet! I ran a marathon, competed in my 1st Figure competition, got my CF Level 1 Trainer Certificate, and I look forward to taking on the NPC in 2014 as an “all natural” vegan competitor.

Biggest advantages of being a vegan athlete: Performance and faster results (my experience). People in the gym are shocked when I tell them I’m a Vegan. From a bodybuilding perspective, you also have the comfort of knowing that the diet prep isn’t damaging your insides.

Types of Supplements: Warrior Force Elite Green Protein, Warrior Greens, DEVA Vegan Glucosamine (MSM & CMO), B-12 Vitamin

Describe diet while prepping: I always start my day w/ a protein shake blended w/ fruit & oatmeal w/ Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk. I am currently “soy free” & “gluten free” and I don’t do the fake meats but I recently discovered Beyond Meat which is really great! I eat a lot of Kale! Lentils, walnuts, all types of beans, asparagus, apples and green veggies (raw or juiced). Bananas, Prunes, or Coconut Water for simple carbs at the gym.

Favorite food in diet prep: Lentils, Kale, Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

Describe training for competition: My training doesn’t really change, I am just a lot more cautious & willing to take Rest Days. I love seeing how far I can push myself on a daily basis so sometimes I have to make an effort to “only do this today”. My workouts consist of Heavy Lifting days, Metabolic Workouts, and some strict cardio.

Favorite exercises: Deadlifts, Hanging Leg Raises, Hack Squats, Box Jumps, Clean & Jerk, Rear Delt Cable Crossovers, Plyometric Push Ups, Pull Ups, Concentration Curls

Hours a week training: 10-12

Today I am most proud of: Being a Vegan, of course!! ☺ Second, would be my positive attitude & willpower. Life is hard; there are struggles, set backs, sadness… giving up is easy… but I will never stop moving forward, pursuing my dreams, and trying to save the world!

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Twitter: @TBurich
Instagram: NoExcusesTrainer