Pam Kalstad



Name: Pam Kalstad

Division: Figure

Age: really? OK, I’m 48. Dang that’s awfully close to 50 and that sounds old. Let’s move on.

Height/weight: I’m 5”1” and weigh in at 108lbs.

City: Eugene, Oregon is my home.

Years as a vegan: February 2013 was my 1st year anniversary.

Why you became a vegan:  I must confess it was purely selfish reasons.  I’m a clinical exercise physiologist and I work as a cardiac rehab therapist. In 2012 a past patient of mine came into the hospital gym where I work looking phenomenal and healthier than I had ever seen him.  He had lost those last hard to lose last 30 pounds, was off all of his medications (yes, it was with his Dr.’s approval, I checked) and had more energy than ever. He credited the documentary Forks over Knives. A lifestyle he fully embraced. At the time I was so not vegan. I had done my first figure bodybuilding show a few months earlier and was still subscribing to the typical natural bodybuilding diet.  I promised to watch the documentary and like they say the rest is history. I’m a rip the band-aid off kind of person and as soon as I finished the film I was vegan.  I know what heart disease does and I couldn’t go back to my old diet. I wanted to live a long healthy and active life. It’s no longer just about my health it’s now a moral and ethical lifestyle I’ve chosen.  As the saying goes, when you know better, you do better.  I’m a vegan for life, all life.

History of competing: I’ve done one show the Bill Pearl High Desert Classic 2011. I placed 1st in my height class open division and 5th in the masters division.

What drives me to compete: I know living in Track Town, USA this isn’t something many say out loud but I love lifting weights.  I love being in a gym. Then after the first time of walking on stage, wow, it was such a fun night! I felt like I was home, I was hooked.

The biggest advantage of being a vegan athlete is all of the food! And all the energy you get from such nutritionally dense food.  I’m not just looking healthy I’m living healthy!

The only supplements I use are a multi-vitamin and PlantFusion protein powder. It tastes great!

I would describe my prep diet as experimental for me this year. It’s the first time I’ll prep as a vegan. I’ll have to watch how my body responds to see if I need to tweak my diet as I go.

My favorite food in my prep diet changes from week to week. I couldn’t seem to get enough apples for a while. Now I love Tempeh.

My training for a competition: 5 days of weight training splitting my body parts up. I actually cycle from moderate weight/higher reps to heavy weight /lower reps.  I loose mass fairly quickly so I only do cardio 2-3 days a week. My cardio is mostly HIIT style for 20 minutes with an occasional steady state 30-45 minute workout.

My favorite exercise: At this time I have two. My two favorites are anything involving the leg press and cable bicep curls.

How many hours training in a week: I put in roughly 5 hours of weight training and 1-2 hours of cardio. And I sleep 8 hours a night which I think is very crucial and an often overlooked part of training.

Today I am most proud of having the guts to train and do my first figure competition. It was very intimidating. Remember, I was 46 years old when I went on stage for the first time. I was 45 when I started training knowing I would be competing against some amazing much younger competitors.  It was something that I felt I needed to do, a challenge to face. So, along with the support of my hubby, Bob, our two sons; Jake and Justin, I got a got a great trainer, Sand Kam. With his help and the help of his amazing wife IFBB Physique pro Anne Marie Kam,  I did it and succeeded.

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