Mindy Collette

Mindy Collette- PLANTBUILT.COM

Mindy Collette- PLANTBUILT.COM

Name: Mindy Collette

Division To Compete In: Figure

Age: 27

Height: 5’6”

From: NYC

Years as Vegan: 4

Competition History: 2009 Bill Pearl Figure, 2nd place, Emerald Cup May 2013 in figure, Austin Naturally Fit Super Show 2013 bikini/fit model division.

What Drives You to Compete:

Equality. I dream of the day where all lives are treated equal–men not more favored than women, and dogs (pets) not favored above monkeys (test animals). I am in competition prep this year with no selfish gain in mind, but purely dedicated to share with others what a vegan diet can do for the animals, the environment, & for their bodies.

Biggest Advantages of Being a Vegan Athlete:

Going to sleep with a clear conscience. Also knowing there is so much more at stake than my physique, yet understanding it is my either the greatest asset or deterrent for other competitors to make the change.

And, the food is so much more satisfying than I recall it being pre-veg days, truthfully!

What Types of Supplements Do You Use: Plant Fusion, SunWarrior, andVega for protein and post-workout recovery (Vega), Dymatize or Inner Armour BCAA’s during my lifts and right after. And, I recently added Cell Block80 from Clean Machine to my daily regimen!

How Would You Describe Your Diet While Prepping For Competition(s): 


I could easily say, “tedious and time consuming…”, but honestly, if you make it a priority, and be firm with yourself, it comes down to mind over matter. For instance,  there will certainly be days when I’ll be in my cutting phase and yearn for my bulking days, but if I can remind myself that I only (willingly) “suffer” for 4-6 months of a year, I’ve got it easy in the grand scheme of things. But, no one in their right mind thinks Pre-Comp diet is easy, right? Here’s my personal reminder: Animals are locked in cages, mistreated, abused, overfed, & then killed with no choice whatsoever–did I mention I’ve got it easy? Perspective!!

Favorite Food in Your Prep Diet:

fruit!!! And soy milk and nut butter….but, I really love fruit!

How Would You Describe Training For a Competition: Trial by fire 😉 Either I want it bad enough to follow through with what I say, or I cave when the heat is on and I “melt”. But, in this circumstance, there is only one option: put action behind my passion. Make it happen!

Favorite Exercises: I really love leg press!

How Many Hours a Week Do You Spend Training: I’m in the gym for about an hour & a half six days a week, so I’d say roughly 9 a week right now = 36 a month. (plus yoga and countless miles walked in the city)

Today I Am Most Proud of: in life: Overcoming my people-pleasing habits, & really going after what I want/my dreams, and what I believe in.

In the gym: recuperating after months of being unable to train!

Personal Website:http://www.mindyvegan.com

Instagram & Twitter: @MindyVegan