Post Workout Smoothie

by Brent Henderson

Nutrition before and after a workout is wildly debated and just about everyone you ask will have a different answer, I’ve heard everything from super expensive glow in the dark pre-workouts that contain who knows what kind of chemicals, to precise instructions of 13 ½ strawberries and a piece of toast with coconut oil and asparagus on it and a cup of coffee. All that I am going to say on this and my personal preference is fruit and veggies before, maybe a piece of avocado toast if I’m doing a really early morning workout and a green smoothie afterwards. The sooner you get greens and the nutrients they provide in your system, the better chance you have of holding on to all those sick gains you worked so hard for under the barbell. If it costs $3,328 a month and has chemicals in it that you cannot pronounce or could use to take rust off a nail, avoid it. Stay with whole organic foods, foods that are packed with life, and I guarantee you that you will see more of an improvement in lesser time, and you will be on your way to becoming the next all veggie terminator that you know you can be.

My Favorite Post Workout Smoothie:

Handful of Kale
Handfull of Spinnach
Almond Milk
Vega Sport Protein Vanilla (1 scoop)
1 1/2 frozen Bananas
blend until delicious and amazing

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