PlantBuilt 2014 team roster has been selected!!

PlantBuilt-Web-Black-508x308After much anticipation and well over 60 applicants, we are pleased to announce the PlantBuilt Team of 2014! We had applicants from a wide variety of sports and were able to form two new sub-teams as well! We will now not only have a team of physique competitors, but also a Powerlifting team and a CF team to spread the message that you can be an outstanding athlete as a vegan! As if all that wasn’t cool enough, we will actually have Vegan Strongman Patrik Baboumian flying in from Germany to head the powerlifting team! And without further adieu, we will now introduce Team PlantBuilt 2014. We will be competing at the Naturally Fit Games in Austin Texas on July 26th 2014 in several different arenas, that we plan to dominate again! 😉 To see more about the team’s mission and each individual athlete follow us by using the links below.  You’ll also be updated via this newsletter.

Sally Andersen

Bonebreaker Barbell

Austin Barbisch

Chad Byers

Tiffany Burich

Gene Calvin

Sheila Calvin

Robert Cheeke

Paola Deocampo

Jonna Edwinson

Erin Fergus

Christian Garcia

Ashlee Harrison

Melissa Hauser

Athena Iglesias

Pam Kalstad

Tricia Kelly

Jehina Malik

Giacomo Marchese

Jennifer Moore

Chris Piontek

Elana Priesman

Sara Russert

Samantha Shorkey

Korin Sutton

Dani Taylor

Marcella Torres

Derek Torres

Will Tucker

Torre Washington

Emily Zukle

Patrik Baboumian

Jens Cinquemani

Mike Greaves

Kelly Green

Crystal Hammer

Jason Morris

Jill Sechelski

Mike Wolf

Ed Bauer

Brent Henderson

Ricky Midlebrook

Billy Prusinowski

Stephanie Rice

Amber Sperling
Keep up to date with the team, check us out at:
Fan Page:   VeganOlympia
Instagram: @PlantBuilt
Twitter:      @PlantBuilt
Our site:
Volunteers needed:
Have experience with:
Web Design?
Fundraising or Kickstarter programs?
Graphic Design?
Journalism and media submissions?

Since we are a non profit, non salary paid team, we do need volunteers to help us continue on.

What will your volunteer work contribute towards?
Each competitor has chosen their favorite non profit animal rights group and 50% of the funds raised will go towards the group of their choice.  The other 50% will go to covering the costs associated with competing.  Once we have raised enough funds to cover competition costs, 100% of the proceeds will go towards other non profit, animal rights organizations!!  We can’t pull this off alone though, so we look forward to your help!

Interested?  Please contact us at to volunteer!

Thanks so much for your support!!

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  1. Laurel January 24, 2014 at 3:30 pm #

    What an exciting idea to promote plant-based diets this way! As someone who has been vegetarian, but trying to gain muscle, I was considering incorporating some animal products (egg and milk) into my diet. When I found your website, it has given me hope that I can be successful in my pursuit of being healthy and fit while maintaining my desire to eat a plant-based diet. Thanks for the encouragement!

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