Pain Pain Go Away!

by Elana Priesman

Working out hardcore is going to leave your body aching. Of course a nice plant based diet is going to help you recover like a lover, but sometimes you might twerk your body in the wrong way, and bam!

So , here are some things I have found helpful in helping my body feel like I can go on. My tips are not a substitute for medical care, so keep that in mind. Also, double check if you are pregnant or nursing before blindly following anything I suggest.

1- Wobenzyme made by Garden Of Life. Good for healthy joints and inflammation. Double , triple, or quadruple your dose when you feel less than your best.
2- Tumeric juiced from the root, in spice form added to food, or vegan capsule form.
3- Epsom salt soaks
4- Sensory deprivation, aka floating. Works wonders on your brain to be floating in a pool of Epsom salts in a dark chamber. You can meditate away your pain.There is more science behind it than I could even write on this post. has a pretty good explanation on it.
5- Massages. Try massage schools for cheaper prices, or Whole Foods or other markets may have chair massages. Or friends…that’s what there for, right?
6- Rolling out. With a foam roller!! Or a tennis ball.
7- Peppermint essential oil. Smelling like a candy cane might take your mind off your pain, but when rub a couple drops on your sore spots, it numbs you, naturally.
8- Arnica. It comes in creme or pellet form. I prefer the crème.
9- Special gemstones placed on the area of pain. For example Lavender gemstone can help arthritic pain. Aquamarine is beneficial for tight and inflamed areas and accelerate healing. Dark green adventurine is good for muscle cramp and tension pain, and quartz is good for sprains.
10- Ice, Ice baby. Cubes, crushed or even frozen peas. The options are endless, but if your pain isn’t, please see a doctor!

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