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Plantbuilt 2017 Results

Total competitors-38
Total 1st-22
Total 2nd-5
Total 3rd-4
Total 4th-1
Total 5th-1
All medals-33

Body building (11 competitors)
8 @1st
3 @2nd
1 @4th
1 @5th
2 pro cards

CrossFit (8 competitors)
2 @scaled
5 @Rx
1 @submasters

Kettlebell sport (5 competitors)
5 @1st
1 @2nd
1 American Record
1 Absolute World Record
1 World Record Attempt just 2 reps short

Power lifting (8 competitors)
9 @1st
1 @2nd
2 @3rd

Weight lifting (6 competitors)
2 @3rd

Lifting Results (totals in kgs)

(weight class) S/B/DL /Total

Anastasia (67.5) 112.5/75/137.5/325
Crystal (60) 102.5/60/122.6/285
Jessica (56) 102.5/45/132.5/280
Ndem (140) 200/143/227/570
Paul (90) 205/185/243/634
Sara (60) 120/75/132.5/327.5
Daniel (75) 190/132.7/220/543.6

Olympic Weightlifting
(Weight Class) Snatch/CJ/Total

Christine (63) 58/77/135
Darin (105+) 69/85/154
Ed (85) 87/95/182
Holly (58) 46/58/104
Josh (85) 100/117/217
Sam (94) 81/101/182

Kettlebell Sport
(Weight Class) Event/Reps

Austin (85) 2×20 kg LC 66 reps
Emily (58) 12 kg snatch 154 reps
Sara (58) 24 kg OALC 104 reps
Sara 2x16kg LC half marathon 181 reps
Scott (85) 16 kg snatch 156 reps
Shalee (53) 2×12 kg LC 81 reps

Body Building Placings

Derek -Pro men’s physique-2nd
Mindy- Athletic Model – 6th
Geoff- physique masters -1st (2nd overall )
Forest -men’s physique open -4th/novice -1st
Joe- pro masters physique -2nd
Korin- open bodybuilding-1st middle class and 1st overall *pro card #3
Mark- open men’s physique-5th
Natalie- bikini- open short 1st- overall- 1st *pro card #1
Paola- bikini open tall -1st
Simone- figure open tall-1st
Tricia- novice bikini tall -6th

Plantbuilt 2017

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Mission Statement

PlantBuilt-Web-Black-508x308Accomplishing elite levels of strength, health, and wellness, is an extension of our compassion for life. Our lifestyle requires physical effort beyond our normal capacity, furthermore is the use of proper nutrition, rest, and mental well being. None of these require the destruction of animals . As a collective (PlantBuilt) we live, train, compete, and educate in our communities, showing the success of compassionate Veganism.

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What the Heck is GS?

By Sara Lee Language and history GS stands for “Girevoy Sport,” and is better known as “Kettlebell Sport” in the US. “Girevoy” means “kettlebell” in Russian. Related words are “girya” referring to the bell, and “girevik” referring to the lifter. GS has its origins in the Russian marketplace where the bells were used as weights […]

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