New Year

by Brent Henderson

New Year, new challenges, new goals, new obstacles, and new inspirations, everything that awaits us this year will help mold us into the people we will become.
I first started CF in July as an addition to my triathlon training. I soon fell in love with how I felt after I finished a 20 minute workout as opposed to a four hour bike ride, or 2000 meter swim. I will be competing with the PLANTBUILT team this summer as a CF athlete and I am looking forward to this opportunity. I was initially turned off by watching CF competitions on TV and listening to others at the gyms about the workout they had just finished. I have been known to have a little ego from time to time, and thought that I was the fittest man on earth so any workout they could do, I could do better. So, I signed up for my first competition at my local gym and set out to show them what I was made of. My first taste of CF was deadlifts and thrusters after a 22 mile bike ride; no problem, I got this. I was the first back on the bike, but quickly realized that my overall fitness was not where I thought it to be.
I began to see how much CF could change a person; the methods behind CF are designed to bring you to a level of fitness that, in my opinion, cannot be matched by any other training program out there. I’ve been hooked since the first competition, I have attended the CF level 1 training, started coaching at the local gym, and I love it. The thing I love most about CF is the variety within the workouts. With the right programming, you will always have something new, something challenging, and something you never would have thought you could accomplish. The workout goes up on the white board, the obstacle is set in front of you, and you look into yourself to see what you are made of. Before you begin to think you can’t do what’s in front of you, you’re done, and what you get on the back end of the workout is a more confident, stronger person.

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