New Goals, New Me

by Sally Andersen

The last time I wrote down my top 3 fitness goals, it was an easy no-brainer:

1. Place in my age group for a 5k
2. Get sub-2 hours in a half marathon
3. Win a mud run

And in the year after setting them, I nailed 2 out of 3. I am runner… or I should say, I was a runner and running was my life.

When asked recently to name my top 3 goals, again without thought or hesitation, I said:

1. Increase my bicep peak
2. Have visible quad muscle striations
3. Obtain the elusive 8-pack abs

I have changed quite a bit in the past year. I went from being known as the girl that runs and runs and runs to the crazy gym-obsessed girl. My goals, my training, my everything have all taken a drastically different route lately.

At first, it was hard to accept that I would no longer be known as a great runner even though I am thrilled to be recognized for my strength and physique now. Honestly, in my head, I thought I could still be both. I had full intentions of still running my two favorite races in 2014 … until I just discovered that they perfectly match up with the dates of the 2 figure competitions I had picked out. I was forced to decide: am I now a bodybuilder or am I still that runner girl?

So here it is, my official announcement to myself and to the world: Sally “that runner girl” is now Sally the bodybuilder!

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