Methods of Change

by Jason Morris

Thus far my favorite lifting program has been the classical 5×5 protocol that get’s touted by Pavel of Strong First, and RKC. I have also spent some time using Dan John’s mass made simple program, which if you eat all the Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches and hit all of your squats, the size comes…

In the last 6 month’s I have used Wendler 5/3/1 program and it has seemed to helped my over all squat max for sure, my bench has been slow to come around, and my dead lift reps have become easier. Though I have noted a slight regression as of late that shows signs of fatigue. This fatigue more likely due to lack of proper sleep and pushing daily to do lists to the max, in short not enough proper rest. Realizing that one can only change the things they can and attempting to use wisdom to know the difference, I have chosen to move on from the Wendler program until I can organize more rest time for the 90-95% days.

The fountain of knowledge and experience of lifters come and gone before myself and many of my peers is a resource that should not be over looked. When reading books, blogs and articles of well known strength coaches there are no new schemes to be found in the world of lifting. This is to say that those who have walked the line before us have walked many paths on their journey to moving massive amounts of iron, and learning from them is a reception of knowledge.
My next journey will follow method for strength based on Doug Hepburn’s 8×2 & 3×6 method. In short this method builds upon 8 sets of 2 reps at 80% adding 1 rep to one of the sets each session until it becomes 8x3m and the same with the 3×6 at 80% of 80% until it becomes 3 sets of 8. After the apex of each rep scheme add 10lbs to your leg lifts and 5 lbs to your upper body lifts, and rinse and repeat (
So this is similar to Pavel’s 5×5 method at 70%, however it’s starting at a higher intensity, and lower volume (which is how your lifting schemes should be). Wish me luck!

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