Just D it!

by Elana Priesman

A lot of people unDerestimate the importance of this essential hormone that we call Vitamin D. Sunshine is the optimal way of getting it, but sometimes we can be
“D-ficient “ for many reasons. It is very important to know where your levels are, so you can have the optimal immunity, bone health and over all wellbeing you need.

www.vitatamindcouncil.org is a great website with lots of information about vitamin D, and they provide suggestions about supplementation if you have issues with sunshine. The important thing to think about as a vegan you need to make sure your supplement is not animal based. Many supplements can be sourced from lanolin, which comes from sheep, which is baa baa bad! Or the capsule could be made from gelatin, which is a byproduct of animals. It’s essential to check all labels, because even products made by the same company can differ.

In my personal experience, I have had to work hard in making sure I am doing everything to keep my levels up. I have been taking aDvantage of sunny days, and exposing as much skin as legally possible without any use of sunscreens, and spending a couple minutes in UVB tanning beds when it’s too cold.

I would recommend you check with your health care professional, as my advice is not a substitute for that, and over supplementation can be dangerous! Here are some vegan products I have found.

Vitamin D3 by Nature’s Plus taken in conjunction with dark leafys enhances absorption!

Vega all in one Protein Powder offers 200Iu per serving of Vitamin D2. Even though I depend on Vitamin D3, I like to use the Vega sometimes just to cover all bases.

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