I hit like a Vegan

Arnold Schwarzenegger. That name means different things to different people. Terminator. Governator. Regardless if you agree or disagree with his political agenda or his acting ability, one thing is for certain-the dude can move some weight. When it comes to fitness and exercise, everybody can agree, he is an expert. The proof is in the pudding. Unfortunately for Arnold, the ‘pudding’ is where his problem lies. As great as his advice is on lifting technique, that is how terrible his advice is on diet. Arnold is in need of some education on nutrition, so maybe it’s time to go back to Kindergarten, but this time as the student.
I’ll get right to it. Maybe you have caught the interview with Arnold where he very enthusiastically promotes his one-liner from his new movie. “You hit like a vegetarian.” The only thing this does is promote the stereotype that vegans are weak. When a stereotype like this comes from Arnold, it is very detrimental to vegans because people view him as an expert on the topic. The idea that all vegans are weak is not even a True Lie, it’s entirely false. It is no different than stereotyping people based on their race, religion, or gender. I seriously doubt that Arnold would so enthusiastically make that comment staring down the barrel of my all-natural all-vegan guns, or to any of my Plantbuilt teammates for that matter. It’s time to dispel these myths once and for all.
On Arnold’s official website, there is a post from 11/20/13 which is titled 4 New Nutrition Myths. Unfortunately for the multitude of readers that trust everything Arnold, there are two very important points that are completely false. While the article itself is not written by Arnold, it is certainly endorsed by him. First, regarding consuming dairy products, it states, “There are multiple health benefits in doing so, from improving bone health to maintaining healthy blood pressure.” And that, “there is good research that supports the beneficial impact of milk for both muscle gain and fat loss.” What Arnold fails to recognize is the multitude of health risks in consuming these products. Take, for example, the 400+ page fact-filled China Study, which is based on a 20 year long study. The truth is that casein, which is the main protein in dairy, is the number one cancer causing protein. Not to mention all of the pus you drink in milk, which comes from infected utters, and cannot be taken out of the milk. There are also the antibiotics, which are causing superbugs-impervious to modern medicine, and the hormones. The hormones which are ingested from dairy and meat is the exact reason why children are going through puberty at such young ages these days. It isn’t something in the water, it’s something in the milk. All of this, and we haven’t even gotten to the animal cruelty involved.
The second nutrition myth that the article is incorrect about regards protein. While he is absolutely correct in his assessment that soy protein does NOT decrease testosterone, he goes on to say, “Animal- derived protein is generally of higher quality than plant- sourced protein, and should be the preferred choice for those who eat meat, fish and dairy, but the occasional inclusion of soy protein probably isn’t going to be detrimental.” There are a plethora of studies which prove plant based proteins are better than animal proteins in every way. Not to mention the fact that soy is not the only plant based protein out there. Let’s put all of the studies aside, and talk common sense and science. Every living creature has a food source that they are meant to eat. The planet is filled with herbivores and carnivores. Human beings are herbivores, and that is a fact. Let’s look at the teeth structure of different animals. Herbivores have flat teeth, while carnivores have canines that are in stark contrast in size to their other teeth. Meat-eating humans always defensively point to their canines. It doesn’t take a genius to see that humans have the teeth structure of a horse, not a lion. Since humans are biologically made to be herbivores, it is just pure science that we gain more out of plant based proteins than animal based proteins.
I would now like to issue a public challenge directly to Arnold. I do not fault you for your opinions, you may just have never been looking in the right places before. I believe that the Plantbuilt team has a lot to offer in educating and dispelling the myths. I would like to extend an invitation to you to attend the Naturally Fit show, and learn about the health and fitness benefits of veganism with an unbiased opinion. I would hope that by viewing the profiles of the team, it will help get rid of any preconceived notions that vegans are weak. In case you can’t Totally Recall everything I have said, allow me to recap. The Predator which lurks in your arteries is from all of that meat, but switching to a plant-based diet will be like taking an Eraser to all of that cholesterol and cancer. Personally, I am vegan due to my love of animals, and my unwillingness to contribute to their torture. Animals are not Expendable, and their suffering is not Collateral Damage. Humans like to think we are so civilized, but when taking into account industries such as factory farming, we are mere Barbarians. An animal in a factory farm lives a life of pure misery, and when they finally meet their End of Days, it is done in the most economical way possible-which also means the most painful. If you do not believe me, then please watch the documentary Earthlings, which will explain everything in great detail. If you are man enough to accept my challenge, but cannot make it to Naturally Fit, I respectfully request for you to do more research on the topic. If you are unsure where to look, the Plantbuilt team will be more than happy to assist you. Take a look through our profiles-we all are vegan and natural. Then, I implore you to issue a public statement that veganism is not synonymous with weak, and that vegans can be strong, fit, and powerful. If you are able to come to the show, we will be more than happy to educate you on veganism, enjoy good food, and who knows, maybe you’ll be brave enough to take a few hits from some beastly vegans ☺. After all, there should be no Escape Plan for becoming a better person.

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