Financial Statement

Since inception, Dani and Giacomo co-founders of PlantBuilt have spent over $5000 of their own capital to ship out fundraising giveaway prizes and other PlantBuilt merchandise.They have also sponsored PlantBuilt team athletes with over $3000 in product to fuel their training and competition effort.

These donations come from their online shop, and make them the primary and largest sponsor of the team. will not be receiving any compensation for the $8000+ in capital that they have contributed.  Regardless of how much PlantBuilt raises, will continue to donate a considerable amount of money, time, and energy to ensure the survival and success of PlantBuilt.

In the interest of full transparency below are our team’s financial statements.  Due to the growth of our organization, we will not be able to do this any longer without your help (support us here.)

Fundraiser ends on June 30th.  Thank you so much for your support!