Board of Directors

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dani Taylor

-Responsibilities include: Overseeing the board of directors, processing reporting from the rest of the board, advising on what tasks to delegate, and team captain.


Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer , Giacomo Marchese

-Responsibilities include: Overseeing operations, gathering reporting from the rest of the board, delegating tasks, and team captain.


Chief Strategy Officer and Public Relations, Christian Garcia

-Responsibilities include: Creating and implementing strategic planning, main point of contact for press and public.


Public Relations and Fundraising, Robert Cheeke

Responsibilities include: Main point of contact for press and public, creating and implementing fundraising strategies.


Event Planner, Sally Andersen

Responsibilities include: Planning and implementing all activities surrounding the team’s annual meet-up and other opportunities for the team to present at various events year round.


Comptroller, Marcella Torres

Responsibilities include: Bookkeeping, publishing annual financial statement, accounts receivable, accounts payable.


Comptroller, Courtney Rasbach

Responsibilities include: Filing all official documentation with the IRS, overseeing companies books.


Webmaster, Christopher Walker

Responsibilities include: Generates and advises on webpages, coding, site maintenance


Webmaster, Sara Russert

Responsibilities include: Site maintenance and publishes webpages.