Our 501(c)(3) application was submitted to the IRS on May 14th and we were notified on June 13th, that it is in process and we will be notified after it is done being reviewed.  Typically, tax exempt status takes anywhere from 9 – 12 months to be approved.  While the application is in review, a non profit is advised by the IRS to continue to operate as a tax exempt entity.  Once the application is finalized and approved, all donations made after the date of submission will be approved as donations to a tax exempt organization and can be itemized as such for tax reporting purposes.  We will have a tax exempt id number to provide to those who donated to us after May 13th, sometime in 2015 and hopefully sooner.

proof of 501(c)(3) application in process

501(3)(c) PlantBuilt application (submitted on 05_14_14)