Have a Heart in February

by Jennifer Moore

February is heart month. Focusing on our hearts should direct our attention to the vegan lifestyle for several reasons.

First, a vegan diet has been shown not only to prevent heart disease but to actually REVERSE coronary artery disease, the main cause of heart attack. Check out Caldwell Esselstyn’s research and angiograms at http://www.heartattackproof.com/. The importance of this cannot be overstated. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease represents the number one killer of Americans. One out of four deaths in the United States can be attributed to heart disease, which equates to approximately 600,000 people per year.  Fruits and vegetables contain no artery clogging trans-fat or cholesterol, and only tropical oils contain saturated fat. Furthermore, they are high in antioxidants and phytochemicals which lower inflammation, another cause of heart disease.

Second, most people have a heart for animals. Why do we love the animals in our homes and disregard animals that we eat?  Paul McCartney said wisely, “If a slaughterhouse had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.” I would take that even further to say that if people saw the way animals are raised for food prior to slaughter, anyone with a heart for animals would become vegetarian. I encourage you to educate yourself on this matter. Check out www.mercyforanimals.org/.

Finally, I think everyone cringes when we see images of emaciated children in other countries starving. Americans feed roughly 80% of our corn and 95% of our oats to animals to create meat for non-starving Americans. People for the Ethical Treatment of animals states, “The world’s cattle alone consume a quantity of food equal to the caloric needs of 8.7 billion people-more that the entire human population on Earth.” Read more: http://www.peta.org/about-peta/faq/if-everyone-switches-to-vegetables-and-grains-will-there-be-enough-to-eat/#ixzz2r4WYZxXy

So my challenge to you? Have a healthy, compassionate change of heart. Celebrate heart month by going vegan for 28 days.


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