Competitor Beauty Products

by Emily Zukle

Many competitors are willing to spend lots of money for a better appearance through professional hair styling and makeup application at each competition. I paid for such services at two of my three shows this past inaugural season and felt the hair and makeup artist’s fees were definitely worth it. Aside from the obvious polish and glamour the professionals provide, the priceless by-product of self-confidence on stage felt worth whatever they charged for their time.

If you are an athlete that has the skill to do their own hair and makeup, I applaud you! You’ll probably even find others who seek your services at your competitions and earn some money to help fund this expensive sport. You probably already have a plethora of vegan, cruelty-free products you love to use, but I thought I would share some of mine because we could all use a few extra tips now and then. By the way, I was not paid to endorse the following companies, I just feel like sharing the products that have worked well for me.

One of my favorite beauty companies right now is Pacifica natural skincare, near my home in Portland, Oregon. I utilize their Sea Foam Complete Face Wash up to twice daily and use their Dreamy Youth Day and Night Face Cream afterwards. For color, I really enjoy their BB cream, lip colors, and my favorite–the coconut infused mineral eye shadows (nearly every day, I wear “Mermaid Aqua” on the lid and “Treasure” to create a nice contrast near the crease). The eyes, lips, face (e.l.f.) line, too, has SO much to appreciate. This love affair began with the price tag—everything seems to be between $1-3. No, that’s not a typo–one to three dollars for makeup! I have several favorites, but on a daily basis, I use their Eyelid Primer for keeping eyeshadow color from creasing in the fold from the eye’s natural oils, the Eyeliner for helping to enhance the size and shape of my eye, and the Eyebrow Kit for defining the shape of my otherwise blonde eyebrows. For competitions and photoshoots, I’ll also wear their False Eyelashes.

I have two daughters, ages 2 and 3 and rarely go out, but last night I actually got the chance to attend the local annual bodybuilding party with some friends and I had LOTS of makeup to choose from! Ever since I went vegan about 5 years ago, I switched my old products over for companies I found at the time from researching vegan beauty companies and products. My makeup cases also contain various eyeshadows and lip colors from Shiro Cosmetics (another Oregon company), and a few liquid eyeliners by LUSH Cosmetics, with synthetic brushes by EcoTools. Even when I massage, I utilize the vegan massage cream by SacredEarth Botanicals (yet another Oregon company), which doubles as a great moisturizer too.

Now, I’m sure that there are even more great companies and products to choose from since when I began my collection and I look forward to hearing about your favorites. What is the next cruelty-free, vegan beauty product I should try?

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  1. Amber Sperling January 2, 2014 at 3:05 pm #

    Emily, thanks for the tips! I love ELF it’s so cheap and a great product. One thing i’d like to note, most people don’t know this, I didn’t know this until my make-up artist friend pointed it out to me. There is SPF in some beauty products. You should make sure your stage makeup does not contain SPF. When the photographer snaps your picture the SPF will reflect the flash and make you appear ghostly.

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