Done with activism.

by Billy Prusinowski There comes a time in your life when things must change. Personally, after four years of college activism, then moving to Portland, Oregon for a year specifically to further that activism, I needed a change. It was a combination of wanting to live a more mainstream lifestyle and starting to become frightened […]

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by Amber Sperling I’ve been training in martial arts for two years now. The style I practice is called Matsubayashi Shorin-ryu, a style of Karate-Do which originated in Okinawa from the desire for self- preservation. I study under Kyoshi Pike and Sensei Middlebrook in guidance of the WSKF, formulated by Hanshi Grant. In karate, we […]

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The CF Open – 14.1

by Amber Sperling The Open is here!!! In 2014, athletes from all over the world will have a chance to compete in the CF Open. Athletes have until Monday, 5 p.m. PT of each week to perform the workout and submit their scores for a chance to qualify for regionals. Essentially this is what cf […]

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the year of the open-mind

by Billy Prusinowski I have been a huge proponent of functional fitness for the past few years now, after sharing thoughts and tips with fellow personal trainers at my Gold’s Gym Santa Cruz (my former employer). Things like triple-extension movements (lifts where your ankle, knee and hip joints all involve themselves [like the CLEAN]) just […]

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A Recap on My First Individual CF Competition, and 2nd Place Overall Win at The 2014 Yeti Challenge

by Amber Sperling On Saturday, January 11th, I competed in my first Rx’d (prescribed) individual cf competition at Plymouth CF. I’ve been training in the sport for six months now, and have made great progressions in my endurance, speed, and strength. I had an understanding of how I stacked up in my local gym, but […]

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Reaching Goals as a Vegan Athlete

by Ed Bauer Many people have a hard time getting stronger, leaner, more muscular, or in better shape, etc. If you want to improve your fitness in some manner, you must first determine what your specific goals are. Now there are two different types of goals, outcome goals and behavior goals. An example of an […]

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