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Bridging the beauty gap: Selfies not required

by Pam Kalstad, MS Women come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve all heard that multiple times. Intellectually we know that. Emotionally………. a large population of us want to come in the same shape and size; tall (but not too tall), lean (but not too skinny) and beautiful (often defined by the media’s beauty de […]

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Staying Motivated in a “Not-So-Motivating” World

by Tiffany Burich In my experience (as a trainer, friend, relative, acquaintance, ect.) there are two things I hear over & over again as to why people have trouble starting/sticking with workout routines & eating regimens : 1. “I don’t feel I deserve it” 2. “I don’t have support from anyone in my family” No […]

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