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My First Powerlifting Meet

by Kelly Colobella The week before my first powerlifting meet I scoured the internet for articles about prepping. Reading about how I should be training, what I should eat, bring with me, etc. I read articles from my awesome Plantbuilt teammates, and tried to sort through all the advice and information and digest it all. […]

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by Amber Sperling I’ve been training in martial arts for two years now. The style I practice is called Matsubayashi Shorin-ryu, a style of Karate-Do which originated in Okinawa from the desire for self- preservation. I study under Kyoshi Pike and Sensei Middlebrook in guidance of the WSKF, formulated by Hanshi Grant. In karate, we […]

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Practice Makes Perfect

by Emily Zukle Two months before I entered my first bodybuilding show and earned my first of three “Top Five” placings in the bikini category, I joined a local bodybuilding team for support in competition preparation. This decision was a large reason I believe I did so well in all my shows. Every Saturday, I […]

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