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Principles of Dieting

by Justin Morgan Dieting can be stressful, confusing, and a general pain.  Especially if you are an athlete that also needs to preserve as much muscle, strength, and overall performance as possible while dieting to lose weight. This article will hopefully help to give you some guidelines that will make dieting easier and less confusing.  […]

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Basics of Cutting

by Dani Taylor The Basics of Cutting Diets Dieting is simple, but not easy.  As a fitness nerd and coach who lives to read scientific articles about fat loss, muscle building and the likes, I wanted to make a basic list of tips for cutting.  This list is primarily geared towards people who are already […]

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Weightlifting, how do I get started?

by Kelly Colobella I had a friend mention to me the other day that she wanted to start lifting weights and that she wasn’t really sure where to start. I remember that feeling all too well… walking into the gym and looking at all these machines, weights, treadmills and starting to panic. Seeing the large, […]

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