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Basic Raw Powerlifting Equipment for Women (and everyone)

by Courtney Eastman I’ve noticed a lot of questions online from people, particularly women, who want to try their first powerlifting meet but don’t know which equipment is vegan or what exactly they will need for meet day. There have been a couple other blog posts outlining what to expect on meet day so I won’t […]

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What the Heck is GS?

By Sara Lee Language and history GS stands for “Girevoy Sport,” and is better known as “Kettlebell Sport” in the US. “Girevoy” means “kettlebell” in Russian. Related words are “girya” referring to the bell, and “girevik” referring to the lifter. GS has its origins in the Russian marketplace where the bells were used as weights […]

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Commonly Asked Questions

by Kayleigh Hill Being Vegan in today’s world, I have of course encountered the famous “But where do you get your protein?” question a million times. Lately, it seems as though I am answering to the following topics more and more as well. I am not a doctor or health professional, I am simply a Vegan […]

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