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Bridging the beauty gap: Selfies not required

by Pam Kalstad, MS Women come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve all heard that multiple times. Intellectually we know that. Emotionally………. a large population of us want to come in the same shape and size; tall (but not too tall), lean (but not too skinny) and beautiful (often defined by the media’s beauty de […]

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Let’s Get Real

by Paola Deocampo Jackson I am often told that I look great, that I’m so fit and tiny, that I’m skinny and one to be envied.  These comments are all made in reference to my social media pictures.  Pictures from prior competitions and bikini photoshoots.  Shoots that were very carefully timed during intense training and […]

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You Can’t Change a Skeleton…

by Erin Fergus But you can build around it.  I didn’t believe that for most of 2013, but I do now. Think about the traditional body types, such as the hourglass, the pear, the apple.  Now think about the “ruler” – straight up and down, which is sometimes referred to as “boyish,” “straight,” “the banana,” […]

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